Hip hop has provided a unique and powerful platform for the representation of the plurality of female identity, allowing female emcees to break stereotypes of the African women an explore gender and sexuality in unique, provoking ways. In Botswana, the artist Enigma is one of these powerful female emcees.

In her song Moonlight, Enigma alludes to the history of hip hop and the culture and traditions it taps into. She is presented as the next in line to represent this important lineage and pass it on the the next generation. This imagery invokes the image of Mother Africa, the mother who personifies the country and represents the country’s values, that is typically displayed when portraying African women but she presents a unique take on the image that lend more individuality and agency to the female identity.

In the music video for Moonlight Enigma presents herself in several different ways, by herself, surrounded by females and surrounded by males. This montage removes sexuality from the picture, placing Enigma at the front of the genre as the figurehead but without ever questioning the role of gender.

Another important aspect of Moonlight is the empowerment that comes through in the lyrics and video. Enigma wears several different styles of clothing, jeans and a t-shirt, dressier jeans with a blazer and a dress representing different versions of herself that she is proud of or identifies with. This imagery along with the lyrics “this is who we are” empowers the audience to feel strong and confident representing themselves however they feel.

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