Mina La Voilée Paves The Way For Future Female Emcees In Senegal

It is no secret that Black women are among one of the most disrespected groups in the world. This is even more prevalent in the hip-hop scene where female artists have to work ten times harder than male rappers because they are taken less seriously.

This is also an issue within Senegalese rap, where it is mostly a male-dominated culture that barely holds space for women.

There is also an unspoken responsibility for women to speak on issues like abortion rights, sexual violence, and everyday sexism issues they may face.

Mina La Voilée is one of those women who uses her voice to speak on the issues most women don’t have the platform to do so. She’s unapologetically herself by refusing to take off her veil which many producers encouraged her to do so because her veil is seen as “not compatible” with the music industry.

In doing this, Voilée displays her confidence to be her authentic self which is something we could all learn from. Women should no longer have to change who they are to fit the typical female rap artist to fit in. Female artists should be able to be themselves without ridicule.

Voilée aims to target the issues that are often ignored and the taboos about women. In an interview with The Guardian, Voilée explains that rap is used to change the world, and says “it can change everything.”

She’s interested in shining light on women in Senegal who have been subject to sexual violence, incest, and infanticide to engage the community around her.

In Mina La Voilée’s song, On My Way, she continues to come through with that braggadocio and fights the stereotypes of African women being docile. Her presence and goals are enough to influence a new generation of female Senegalese rappers.

Though I’m not a fluent French speaker, you can tell based on the video that Voilée uses her confidence to demand control of her surroundings as she has people driving her around the neighborhood.

She embraces her authenticity and takes the audience around what appears to be the neighborhood that she lives in. By representing herself as ultra-confident, it allows other women, especially in Africa to possess this same characteristic.

Check out her video below:

Instagram: @mina_la_voilee

Facebook: @minartiste

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