Mex Cortez Ft Neash- Let it burn

The song Let it Burn by Mex Cortez featuring Neash is a transparent message from an agitated and opinionated young Tanzanian rapper. Mex Cortez uses the song to give listeners a glimpse of all the trials that have come with him rapping and how it has wholeheartedly affected his life. He is highly critical of the status of the musical industry right now. He condemns the fraudulent realities of the music business and elaborates on his own authenticity in his craft. He feels that the music industry has become rooted in the wrong ideals and is trying to shut out more conscious rappers like himself. He recognizes these societal barriers but reaffirms his listeners that he will not allow his platform to change because of these circumstances. He provides listeners with his own personal life experiences and tries to illustrate the various types of conversations and situations he has had with his family and others about his career. Cortez does not hold back on how these situations made him feel either. Cortez feels like he is constantly being undermined by the ones around him and he feels like he is the only one who truly believes in his craft. Although he feels he is surrounded by these condescending perspectives, he uses them to fuel his drive to be successful musically He does not care about the stipulations other people try to put around his life and his talent. I think the song holistically was very well put together and provided a genuine message. In addition I think the chorus by Neash adds a great melodic touch to the song. The lyrics in the chorus also compliment Cortez’s verses and further emphasize his message. Cortez wanted to let his listeners know he is not going to deviate from his hip hop career because of personal or business issues and I believe he accomplished that completely.

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