MEJJA siku hızı ni kubad

Siku hizi ni KuBad performed by MEJJA hailing from Kenya. The song itself released in 2021 dwells heavily in the realm of social issues and recognizing them with the effort of changing them. I feel this was as the Song mentions the negative situations happening in Kenya and similarly all around the world. Such situations include the murders depicted on the news outlets and choosing money over family and other various unfortunate happenings. Mejja’s hook “

That’s why I live alone
Just for my corner and alcohol
The story of the owl ah ah
The world is overwhelming eeh

These days it’s bad, bad, bad
Bad bad bad bad bad”

is one that brings attention to these issues and simultaneously speaks for his deep regret about these issues in a really well done delivery of the verse in the song. the whole song is well done as it is relatable on a global level making not only a notice of the state of the world but a testament to the artist media’s talent and ability to appeal to his people and even those that aren’t. He mentions living alone to presumably avoid these issues entirely as the world can be “overwhelming” . I personally feel this song was not only touching as it is hard to not feel this way with all that goes on everyday but again well done. The beat selection was nice to convey such a heavy message as was the lyrics to accompany the feelings the artist is feeling and putting onto the listener. Such talent is reminiscent of earl sweatshirt or an r&b artist that does well in capturing the listener and transporting them into the artist’s headspace. I feel like this song can both bring awareness and change to the bad people experience and help those listening look for solutions because of those realizations and good can come from the bad that was mentioned prior.

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