Meet Kepaso: The Underground Female-Dominated Rap Group

Kepaso is a rap group steadily making progress in the hip-hop scene of Ethiopia. The group is made up of three members, Kepaso Daygo, Kepaso Selam, and Kepaso Lelena. These three make a formidable alliance as they share the stage on their tracks. Lelena and Selam are the two ladies that lead the way in most of their songs, with their hard-hitting bars and seamless flow. Daygo compliments their work with his high energy and vivid expression.

In the song, “Anferam” the video starts with a short clip of a young Ethiopian warrior speaking to the invading Italian troops. He explains that Ethiopia will not back down from a fight and that he is ready to sacrifice his life. Kepaso Lelena, then enters the scene with her soft vocals, which then transitions into a catchy chorus reiterating what the boy in the video had said. The camera then swiftly shifts to Kepaso Selam who attacks the beat in a fast flow with verses about the identity of Ethiopians. She mentions that if there is a chance of a fight no one would back down and that the enemies should be scared of her people’s prowess. This already entertaining video is then added with breakdancers that have cultural attire on. Kepaso Daygo finishes off with his verse further illustrating how when it comes to war, he would have no fear.

Even though this group has been producing music for a couple of years now they have yet to break into the mainstream arena in Ethiopia. They have a unique setup that empowers the women in the group to express themselves freely. The lack of female rappers in Ethiopia is something that is continually noticeable, therefore, Kepaso is a breath of fresh air. If this song is something to go by, then it is just a matter of time before the whole country will know about them.

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