Mc Caro

Mc Caro is a triumph, unique and showstopping artist from Liberia. She has made waves across her country but her music has traveled much farther than her home country. Caro stands out amongst other Liberian artists not just because of her style of rap but also because of the messages she puts in her songs, her confidence, and her persona. Caro is effortlessly and unapologetically herself in anything she does. This is the main reason she has the hype and recognition she does. She also represents a lot of people who were once discriminated against. She has made songs protesting the racism, discrimination, and unjust acts that have been made against the people of Liberia but it does not end there. As I stated before, her music touches many hearts even those outside of Liberia, therefore she has made music to support everyone going through unjust times and wants to be supported by others to fight against the hatred they receive. It is also empowering that she, as a woman, has made such strides within her career and the communities she supports. She is the complete opposite of what people have deemed females to be. As women are more sexualized and are given the roles in motherhood. She does not look like or act as society’s idea of what a woman should be and how they should act. As you can see in many of her music videos and other media appearances she does not dress as what society’s idea of what a woman should be. She is showcasing how much individuality matters and she also defies the norms of our society and shows the world a woman is not their job to decide what they do and how they act. Mc Caro is a representation of the freedom women have to just be themselves. 

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