Mama Samia by Frida Amani

Frida Amani is a Tanzanian rapper and hip-hop artist who was born in Dar, Es Salaam. Frida Amani began her music career in 2010 and has since released several singles and collaborated with other artists in Tanzania and beyond. Her music often addresses social and political issues, including women’s rights, gender equality, and corruption. Frida Amani has won several awards for her music, including the Best Female Rapper award at the Tanzania Music Awards in 2015 and 2017.

On May 7, 2021, Frida Amani released the song “Madam President”. Since then the song has surpassed 199,000 views, 4.8K likes, and 400 comments on YouTube. 

President Samia Suluhu Hassan (Image via Africa Women Exports)

President Samia Suluhu Hassan began her term as the first female president in March of 2021. This served as a monumental moment for the country and for the entire world. To be the first female to serve as president of Tanzania meant a lot for many young women and girls in the country and across the globe. A position that seems unreachable for many women, has now been attained by a woman, who was also once a young girl with big aspirations. 

This song serves as a celebration of women in power, in relation to President Hassan, as well as the advancement of women in music and rap. The song celebrates this historic moment and encourages women to aspire to positions of power and leadership. Frida Amani relates the success and achievement of Mama Samia to her success as a rapper. In the song she says, “Kwenye rap game mi ni madam president”. This translates to, “In the rap game, I am Madam President”. In Gen-Z slang and terminology that would translate to her saying “I’m the GOAT” in the rap game. 

Image via YouTube

Throughout the chorus she then says, “I feel like mama Samia”. Highlighting how she feels like she is on top of the world. 

Throughout the song she then says another memorable line which reads, “Leo nitawonyesha power of the woman”. This translates to “Today I will show you the power of the woman”. Again, Frida uses this song as an opportunity to highlight the strength of women and how they can achieve any and everything. 

Not only is Frida a pioneer in the female rap game in Tanzania, but she also wrote a song that can impact many young girls across the world. Frida’s message throughout this song is particularly important for young girls and women who may not have seen themselves as potential leaders before.

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