Mama I Made It by Cassper Nyovest

Born Refiloe Maele Phoolo, Cassper Nyovest is a South African rapper who has become a hit in the South African rap scene. He has four albums and has been nominated and won many awards.

Mama I Made It comes from is self named album Refiloe. It is also one of his most popular songs. Listening to this particular song, the beat, his flow is an imitation of Drake’s We Made It and Worst Behaivor. This song is nothing special lyrical, he’s just telling his mama about his riches and fame. Except for the end where he disses AKA in their ongoing beef. It was subtle and would be easily missed if you didn’t know that the two had beef but if you knew, you know about the beef and heard the song you know shots have been fired

What did catch my eye about this video is that it did not have the typical hip hop video theme. There were no half naked women dancing all over him, no money in his hands, next to his ears, or being thrown in the air. Of course there are expensive cars and champagne popping and for some reason random scenes with him on a hover board. The best thing about the video is that he had a lot of youth (like a mob of young people) probably from his hometown  in the video.

There was nothing really memorable about the song, decent beat subpar lyrics. This song is more of a song that one would up turn up too. But sitting down watching the video and listening to the lyrics its decent. This song sounds like what’s being played in mainstream America.



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