Maandy’s Public Service Announcement

Relax, that’s it.

The song “Relax” by Maandy is a song meant for, well, relaxation. The song has a chill vibe by maintaining a moderate tempo and soft instrumentals accompanying the steady beat. Maandy mentions things throughout the song about not worrying and just living life to the fullest. She says a couple of important things that remind us to live in the moment. One line translates to “every single dream we had we live” which tells us to pursue those things that once seemed unattainable because we have one life to live. It also is telling us that it is okay to want the finer things in life and that we need to take time to soak in life and be content with all that life can bring. Another line says “today we fly” meaning that we should make a conscious decision, today, right now, to be happy and live carefree.

The music video helps to portray this message. The video is relatively simple throughout its entirety. Maandy is on a beach, dancing, and having fun. The beach automatically helps our minds associate this with a calm feeling of being on vacation where we have little to no responsibilities. Maandy also incorporates bright colors in her video to reinforce the lighthearted nature of the song. For example, the beach towel she lays on has a color pattern which incorporates orange, pink, and white. Additionally, the camels featured in the video have bright multicolored clothes on them and the few other people in the video are wearing bright red. Bright colors remind us of fun, laughter, and children, who are naive and carefree and tend to have little responsibilities and little stress.

Maandy’s song is encouraging for all people. It shows that women in the hip hop industry can make music that is lighthearted and fun, and something everyone can vibe to. Many times, women in hip hop have to battle patriarchy and establish their feminist identities throughout their music. However, it is refreshing to know that “Relax” can still be done by a woman in hip hop and be appreciated by everyone.

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