M.anifest -“Someway Bi”

M.anifest is a Ghanian born rapper and songwriter who has worked with a variety of musicians. Music has been apart of M.anifest’s life and family for some time and naturally inspired him to become a poet and eventually an MC. In his song, “Someway Bi,” he discusses the twisted occurrences that happen in everyday life. The lyrics “e be someway bi,” in the chorus literally translate to “it’s twisted.” He provides many examples of how people in his country have to hustle in order to survive, whether they are male or female, child or adult.

Although M.anifest’s song seems to be about the harsh struggles and hustles of everyday life in his community, the chorus discusses contrasted occurrences. He doesn’t speak much about or provide examples of the contrasts that occur. Instead he focuses on the hustles that he and other have to make. The video shows the realities of modern Ghanian life, using children, women, and men.

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