Lola Monroe- biography

Fershgenet Melaku better known as Lola Monroe was born on October 25, 1986 in Addis, Ababa located in Ethiopia. Her original name has a special meaning because Fershgenet means “fruit of heaven” and Melaku means “angel.” She was raised in Washington D.C’s Garfield Terrace. She is a hip hop artist, model, and an actress.

At the age of 12, Lola Monroe started out with writing songs and poems but would only use music as a form of expression, just for her self escape. In 2006 was when she met Mike styles a photographer and her now manager Michelle Vieyra.

Her modeling career started way back in 2006 for some urban magazines. Her model name was Angel Lola Luv. Some of her photo shoots were such as the Black Men Magazine issue from June 2006 which made her the new “it girl.” She appeared on the cover of Smooth Girl Magazine in the fall 2006 issue. In that same year Lola became a part of high profile videos for really big hip hop artists such as 50 Cent, Kanye West, Buster Rhymes, etc.

In the next two years to come, at the height of her modeling career, Lola would start turning down high offers from various requests for what she really wanted to pursue which was music. From there, her career took a turn and she became a hip hop artist. She officially retired from being a model in 2007.

She was the first female rapper and model to be international from the D.C area and became the founder of her own label company called Blue Rose Entertainment. Up to now she has released four mix tapes. They are Boss B*tch’s World, Art of Motivation, Untouchables (with Boosie), Boss B*tch’s World II: Batteries Not Included, and recently Lipstick & Pistols.

In 2011 she was recruited by Wiz Khalifa to join the Taylor Gang movement. Lola Monroe is truly a model for women power because she is also a philanthropist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and advocate for LGBT rights.

As an actress she participated in the Wendy Williams “Queen of Media” and later acted in “Before I Self Destruct” with her role as Mona, in “Crazy like a Fox” with her role as Pier Angeli, and in “Video Girl” as Jessica.

Something very interesting about Lola Monroe is that she really identifies with the Marilyn Monroe. Actually, that’s why her singer last name is Monroe because she felt she had gone through the same things that the American icon had. These such as being discovered in the fashion industry and using their modeling career to pursue a further entry into the Entertainment business.

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