Kumericans are taking over!

O’Kenneth, Reggie and City are among many rappers who are part of the Kumericans movement. Many may ask what does the Kumerican movement consist of? Kumerican is a concept and movement that was trademarked around the late 2019 by the Kumerican boys, a group of men from the Kumasi region. According to Reggie, Kumerican is used to describe the new age Ghanaian dream. It’s a way for young Ghanaians to express themselves without having to feel restrained from being forced to adhere to traditional customs and values. In this song, the Kumerican musicians sing about Agyeiwaa, a beautiful woman who is known for winning the hearts of many men in the neighborhood. In this song, the Kumerican musicians express their love for her saying that she’s so beautiful that her dad has to keep her inside in order to prevent more attention from being brought unto her. Furthermore, each rapper’s lyrics consists of them taking turn to express their qualities and why Agyeiwaa should select them instead of their other peers. For instance, on 3:43, O’Kenneth expressed to Agyeiwaa, his love interest, that she should pick him because he is a great man who knows how to cook her favorite dish. On the other hand, rapper Kawabanga mentions hat his locs is his best quality and therefore has the power to woo Agyeiwaa. I find it interesting how this songs steers away from the tough boy image that is often displayed by the Kumerican rappers. Instead of rapping about sex, drugs and killing their enemies, they utilize drill beats to rap about a Black Ghanaian woman being their love interest. One of the many things I also love about this song is its ability to not objectify Agyeiwaa. It was liberating to know that even the “roufians” have respect for Ghanaian women. I encourage everyone to give this song a listen and explore the world of the Kumerican culture in Ghana.

The Asakaa Boys are the new drill kings.

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