Kudakwashe Musasiwa

The artist Kudakwashe also goes by the alias B. Sun for Begotten Sun which is a ode to his father who, as a christian minister, can see his own influence in his son’s music. He was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe and he now often resides in London but reps Zimbabwe throughout his music. For the most part Kudakwashe is a powerful voice for oppressed and poverty stricken, abused people of Africa and the world, however his music has undergone some changes. As Begotten Sun he worked with Munyaradzi Nota and formed the group DKR for Divide Kingdom Republic. They were very ambitous, fearless, and angry and Begotten Sun released the album Rise Up which ignited a fire. The song “Revolution” is an expose of the entire system , from crack being distributed in the streets and it effects on people like Huey P. Newton to education, the police, health care, religion, AIDS, guns, politics, colonialism, violence coming to the conclusion of the need for Revolution now. Since then he has taken what some call a “lighter” way to enlighten that is some what toned down as can be seen in popular songs like “Wilderness” and “Wipe Your Tears” and “Seeds of Serpents.” While his songs are highly politicized and charged with educated rebellion, he increases his religious message and has very much so toned his views down from Revolution, possibly to continue expanding internationally.

“Revolution” http://www.musik-mp3-download.com/song/revolution-artist-begotten+sun.html at the bottom click on the second video abspielen
Musodzi/Wipe Your Tears”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cq5PNPwr4eQ
Myspace with other songs “Wilderness,” “Seed of Serpants”
For a Few others http://kynrecords.com/dkr/index.php

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  1. Begotten sun’s sound is african. His hip hop is not a carbon copy of what is comin’ out of the States.

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