Krukid EP review : Things Change

This EP album was made during the whole inner self conflict between Krukid and Ruyonga. Upon finding his new found faith he also decided to be known as Ruyonga and only Ruyonga. In a recent interview with NTV, he acknowledged the true reason of returning back to Uganda in order to truly be himself, “how could you represent UG if your not even there”. 

All this too is the opening song with strong political content; “small child big belly but hungry…super power drug dealers sell to the junkie, the fast food junk death dealer selling us junk meat, everybody s a user.. if we can’t learn from our past theres no future”. Here he speaks out about massive corporations using us as guinea pigs in order to help fund the recession proof upper class turning everyone else into addicted consumers.

Ding Ding Ding, is a very up beat and progressive song in comparison to his past works. Rhyming with incredibly fast ad libs and punctual punch lines, Ruyonga’s word play is top notch no matter what any body says. With amazing lyrical context at speeds comparable to Busta, this song is a perfect anthem song to get hyped to before a party, a test, or just to get pumped up.

He also reaches out and collabs with manifest as well Renelle. In the dotted line ft Renelle he speaks about the devil and how he is “always in the details” and “signing the dotted line.. please sign.. so your destiny could be mine” with subliminal messages of not falling for temptation because as krukid states “theres no money transfers into the after life”. 

Krukid will always be known as what was Ruyonga, but Ruyonga has grown into a true lyricist with crazy rhymes with lyrical power and beats that will make you move. He still represents Africa and his family in walk a mile speaking about his passion and how family was his motivation and the struggle of moving to the promise land, a recollection of his life until now, he touches base with what once was and looks toward the future.

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