Kpanto Preserves Rap’s Raw Existence in Single “Real Rapper Come Last”

In the era of “mumble rap”, as society has named it, there is a select few rappers who intend to keep the raw culture of lyricism in hip-hop alive.  Liberian rapper Kpanto reminds people of his abilities to preserve and produce lyricism in his single, “Real Rapper Come Last”.

The video for “Real Rapper Come Last” released two months ago, and it’s clear to see that Kpanto stays true to his roots. The video features several cuts of him set in Liberian markets as well as a couple cameo shots of local residents, as well as kids. Like most hip-hop throughout Africa, the rapper does not degrade women to get his point across that he is the best rapper hailing from Liberia.

One thing that I appreciated most about this single is his lack of autotune; his voice is refreshing in the sense that he can deliver with a strong, loud voice to place emphasis on his words. The production of this song is superb, for it emphasizes his punchlines and adds a bit of a cypher feel that most rap music is missing nowadays.

I also appreciated his bars! For a first time listen, he did not disappoint at all. An issue commonly faced with rap outside of the United States is the matter of imitation versus originality. He does an amazing job addressing his ability to be original and separate himself from the rest in several parts of the song. My personal favorite line has to be, “Y’all will never understand me, I’m a different man.” The fact that he doesn’t use materialism to compare himself to others solidifies his spot as a driving force in the Liberian hip hop industry.

I’m telling you all now, do not sleep on Kpanto! He has potential beyond his years, and I definitely plan to keep on eyes on his future productions as well. Check out his mixtape now!

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