K’naan: Voice of the Diaspora

15 minutes away by K’naan is a song that many immigrants especially those from the African Diaspora can relate too. It talks about the struggles that people endure in foreign countries while trying to create a better life for themselves. The basis of this struggle is emphasized when K’naan dives into the stress of waiting to pick up money from a western union location. The hook of the song repeats this line throughout the song duration with a combination of rhythm and melody. The beginning of the song also begins with a message from K’naan calling out people who can relate to what this song is focused on. He states:

I’m sending this one out to anyone who’s had to wait on a money transfer, 
Yea its kinda whack when they charge you like 10 percent on the dollar 
But you know how good it feels when they say”

He then follows up this introductory message by presenting the hook of the song which goes as followed:

“You can pick it up today, its 15 minutes away.
You can pick it up today, its 15 minutes away.
You can pick it up today, its 15 minutes away.
You can pick it up today, its 15 minutes away.”

In his song 15 minutes away, he refers back to the struggle of making payments on time for various things like rent, schooling and bills. Having to find solutions last minute and making numerous calls to individuals who could help relieve him of his problem. Tis is an issue known all to well to many immigrants and in many cases its a vice versa scenario where individuals from back home call asking for assistance, not knowing the struggles being faced abroad.

K’naan has been known widely as an outspoken individual who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. This has gained him a-lot of fame and recognition but his ability to connect to many immigrants in the diaspora also played a big role. He represents his childhood in war torn Somalia a lot and refers to the events he experienced. In one case he talks about separating from his favorite cousin whom he was raised in the same home with. The decision his mother had to take as a result of visa restriction.

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