K’naan Album review: Troubador

K’naan’s third studio album ‘Troubador’ made its official debut in 2009 which featured the highly anticipated song “Wavin’ Flag.” The song made most of its splash when it was remixed and used for the 2010 Fifa World Cup. Although the song was the third single to be officially released from the album it is arguably K’naan’s most popular song to date.

K’naan barely used his native language somali, but specifically he used it on the song ‘America’ which he rapped his verse first in english then in somali. I thought rapping the same verse in two different languages was creative and showed his range of skill. In the song ‘Somalia’ K’naan raps about meaningful experiences of his life and specifically he says “Probably get a Grammy without a grammar education So f@#K you school and f@#k you immigration And all of you who thought I wouldn’t amount to constipation And now I’m here without the slightest fear and reservation.” These lyrics are just a small part of the diversity of this song but gives us insight on how he feels about immigration. He also talks about immigration on the song ‘People Like Me’ where his mother tried to get him and his cousin out of the country but it was to expensive, which eventually made her choose k’naan over his cousin leaving him in war. On this album K’naan represents his country/Africa really well, if his intentions was to get people’s attention on certain controversies going on in Africa then I say he did his job. Several of his song tittles are related to Africa Such as T.I.A (This is Africa), Wavin’ Flag, Somalia, and Fatima. T.I.A is the first song on the album which set the theme of the album for me.

K’naan talks a lot about social topics on this album, he raps about growing up in his country and how its hard. He specifically says on the song ‘Dreamer’  that his country is the hardest place on earth. Throughout the album he talks about how he was never taught in school and basically his people struggling to eat their entire lives. On ABC’s he also talks about not using the “N’ word in his raps saying he doesn’t need it, and how all they have is life on the streets.

The Album was good beginning to end. I was surprised a little bit on how talented K’naan really is and how different some of his songs changed from track to track. The songs were he talked about his life experiences and his country/Africa the most seemed to be his best songs. TIA, ABC’s, Dreamer, Wavin’ Flag, Fatima, Somalia, these songs really made the album enjoyable and enlightening

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