“Kings & Queens” a tale of the future

Spoek Mathambo latest release “Tales From The Lost Cities” speak of the wrongdoing and social injustices of South Africa. Mathambo refers to this album as a “cross section of particular moment in South Africa” in his interview with Rhythm Passport. Upon writing and rapping for the album Mathambo wasn’t satisfied with the things he was hearing through conversation or newspapers. This album really makes a statement trying to engage with the public issues facing South Africa whether it be economical issues, political corruption, or land redistribution. Before I talked about the outro I wanted to bring attention to the album opener “Umhlaba Wethu”. In “Umhlaba Wethu” Spoek of how the rainbow nation is an illusion and everyone is losing. This verse is the thesis for the rest of the album. You understand Spoek opinion on South Africa and can expect that the rest of the songs have the same team or dad fell into one of the social injustices happening. Proof of this is the last song of the album called “Kings & Queens”. “Kings & Queens” is an empowering song that is supposed to have a lasting impact on its listeners. In the background repeatedly you hear the sun will shine meeting at their time will come where the South African people can live justly and in the world with their best interest in mind. Spork raps about uplifting people and paying them in positions where they can help others. This cycle of helping one person so they can help another is the key to getting things accomplished. By having people that are educated, in powerful positions and who are not afraid to speak up anything is possible that the world is in their hands because who can stop them. In this song goes also talked about how Young people are not seeing past the age of 20. This correlates up with “mans walked into to the wrong hood and stripped you of your bands” which I believe talks about the violence happening between young people in rough neighborhoods doing what they need to survive which speaks to how they “navigate the streets that we learn little capital”. Thus giving hope to the future to come there Financial or social survival. It gives hope to that one day they will be treated like the kings and queens that they are.

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