King Nubi

Rising African a rap artist “Nubi” or better known as his moniker “King Nubi” is a rising artist out of the southern region of Egypt who is slowly becoming a pioneer in Nubian style Hip Hop in the Egyptian region. Nubi’s Hip-Hop style is a reflection of his childhood hometown in Aswan, a city located on the Nile side. This style of music introduced to the region by the upcoming artist has generated a large amount of popularity over the past years, specifically over the last several months due to his newer soundtracks being released and his increasing presence on the battle rap scene. The element of Hip-Hop consistent with his discography heavily mirrors and incorporates aspects of jazz, reggae, and classic soul music all combined with smooth hooks and clever wordplay to create a unique music wave in the African Hip-Hop scene as a whole. Nubi incorporated several social and political themes within his musical works while at the same time having the ability to maintain a lighthearted and crisp sound that can be played in any kind of situation. This has caused Nubi to attract a larger audience as he is not as boxed in as many Hip-Hop subcultures as his contemporaries. This has caused Nubi to accrue a large audience over the last couple of years.  

Nubi’s new music has displayed several forms of protest and concern regarding the social and political climate of his home in Nubia. This concern is specifically evident throughout one of his newest tracks titled “El-Tangeed”. Through his lyrics, he speaks about the widespread turmoil plaguing his home of Nubia regarding the current state of his home to be in a state of lostness as a result of their heritage slowly dissipating over periods of time. Artist Nubi exclaims that the only way for the collective to move forward regarding the issue is to Implement an increased emphasis on the trust and responsibility of the youth of Nubia. This is directly evident when he states, “Who can break you out of distress other than the Nuba youth.” Not only are heavy social and political themes riddled all throughout his “El-Tangeed” track, but they have also been consistent throughout his latest track released at the beginning of the year titled “The Question” which has been garnering a lot of attention lately. 2022 has the potential to be Nubi’s most successful year yet. His newest collaborative track with another Egyptian artist ”Weezy Montaster” and” Dizzy too Skinny” released a new track and music video in early February that has been receiving a lot of attention on YouTube. If rapper Nubi continues this trend it will be very likely that we will see a lot more from him this year.

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