‘KIM of Diamonds’ the Acoustic Songstress of Malawi

The song Be Something by KIM of Diamonds was released in 2021 and showcases female artistry from Malawi in a passionate and sophisticated light. KIM of Diamonds has been on a journey of realization and heartbreak in some of her recent work, this song included. The song talks about the uncertainties that come with falling in love. Essentially how the act is a leap of faith. Similar songs by her such as Bomb shines light on the same topic but with the intention that not only with dedicated time can one grow a relationship. No one’s time should be wasted and that’s emphasized in Bomb and that falling in love shouldn’t be rushed. The chorus goes “It’s alright, it’s okay, imma fall in love another day.” Upon researching other female artists out of the country, it’s hard to find people like her. KIM of Diamonds brings to life the idea that African women trying to make it in this part of the continent do not have to use the same rhetoric and style as the men, music videos don’t have to always be flashy and chaotic. There is a pattern of women in the city, mimicking the already well known styles of Malawian male artists; she doesn’t fit in this category though. KIM of Diamonds is the most acoustic tone from Malawi that I have yet to come across. While she is not as well known as other female singers like Amaka from Nigeria, there is some kind of boldness in taking the R&B route in an area where your genre is not exactly noticed by the majority. She seems to stay true to her journey and what that means to her and the people who listen and relate as opposed to fitting into the norm in the Malawian music industry. Gender equality in Malawi is a tenuous topic and while feminism is a fast spreading trend, women there still struggle to make a name for themselves with what is considered an unordinary occupation. Once that domino has tilted however, it creates a rippling effect of inspiration. Kim of Diamonds may be that domino.

“Women empowerment to me simply means the ability to dream and go for whatever I set my mind to.”

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Feburary 3, 2023 Instagram/ @kimofdiamonds

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