Kilos On Kilos – Octopizzo

Henry Ohanga, stage name Octopizzo, is a big name in the rap industry. His art is primarily influenced by his childhood in the slums of Kibera, Nairobi. He uses his platform through his music and his non-profit Octopizzo Foundation to give youths and refugees the opportunities and resources to explore their creativity. In his music, his lyrics often call out political problems that he had encountered growing up in Kibera. But Kibera has not shaped his music in an entirely negative light, he also wants the world to hear about the good in his neighborhood. He has also made a clear stance on being pro-legalization and decriminalization of medicinal marijuana through multiple interviews and through his lyricism. He has said that there are more harmful substances and that marijuana is not the reason that people are motivated to commit crimes like stealing. The current political climate in Kenya makes medical marijuana illegal to consume, grow, or sell. Octopizzo has said that he will have at least one line about cannabis in every one of his songs until it is finally legalized.

Octopizzo’s song “Kilos On Kilos” from his 2021 album “Fuego” takes it further than a line as it is dedicated to marijuana. It talks about the “kilos on kilos” of “doobie we smoking.” It goes beyond a catchy beat but is also a political message putting pressure on the Kenyan government to legalize the substance. The music video is simple as it is just the artist himself rapping his lyrics to the camera. If you like the song, Octopizzo has recently released another album called “Lamu Nights.” Octopizzo will only continue to rise so keep a look out for his work.

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