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Keyti is a hardcore rap artist who originates from Dakar, Senegal. He was born on December 22, 1972. His name of origin is Cheik Sene, and he delivers his verses in his native Wolof language. He initiated his career by joining a rap group named Rap’Adio. Keyti’s first intent when arriving into the music scene was to return hip hop back to its original state. That state of which he spoke was one in which Hip Hop is a politically driven force. The ideology for  which he credits had been discovered through listening to the American Rap group, Public Enemy. Within some time, the group began to face some ideological differences and went on to be disbanded; leaving Keyti to pursue a solo music career in search of voicing his own ideals without having to consult grouping peers.

In an interview published on by Jake Warga, when pressed on his ideology, Keyti informs the listeners that He believes, “Rap is to speak. . .Rap helped a lot of us channel that anger into music.” and so Keyti’s values became much clearer. He went on to orate how much he values language and how much importance there is to a language. He expresses his pride, and the pride other people should have when using their language, but in the end, he also voices his discontent toward what he perceives to be having had his native language stolen and erased. Keyti then states that, “rap is to speak,” and speaking is poetry, the art of rhyming.

Within time, Keyti was admitted into the United Artists for African Rap. As an advocate, Keyti has managed to move his musical talents on to a broader spectrum. Keyti is a permanent fixture on a television broadcasted, and YouTube streamed show called Journal Tele Rappe. Within the short broadcast Keyti, alongside rapper Xuman, appear rapping global news, and topics of political disruption within society.

The show is primarily directed toward a younger audience. In Warga’s interview, Xuman states that the reason for which the music tends to be comedic and thereupon humorous is primarily due to the fact that they seek to attract young viewers. By attracting young viewers they seek to keep them informed and aware of what is happening around them and inspire them to take action. Their You Tube channel with the username of JT Rappe has alone garnered up to a little above 15,000 subscribers, who consist of a dominantly under 30 crowd.

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