Kaley Bag’s ‘Life in the Ghetto’ 

Tamba Mbayo, better known as Kaley Bag, is a rising hip-hop artist on the way to becoming one of the greats. He was born 18th of December 1994 (Age 25) in Bo city, Sierra Leone. His 2020 release, “D Sai Wey Ah Komot” tells the story of what it is like to grow up in the impoverished city of Bo.

Growing up, music was difficult to get into due to the overwhelming disproval he received. His family did not accept him doing as a career. Their rejection of him pursuing music was so strong that he would often see his lyrical notes thrown to hinder his progress. Along with his family, there were other obstacles he had to overcome. Kaley Bag’s family was very poor and they lived in a very impoverished area. Just like in most cases, in Bo City, poverty came with poor education, an increase in crime, and treacherous conditions to live in which often led to premature death. Despite all of these adversities, Kaley Bag’s passion for hip hop motivated him to persevere and follow his dreams.

This Kaley bag song and music video give a little bit of insight into what it was like growing up in Bo City. The name of the song, “D Sai Wey Ah Komot” is loosely translated to “The Life in the Ghetto.” This name fits perfectly for the content of the song being his adolescent life experience. Within the song, he often mentions how the ghetto is all he knows and how he got lucky not ending up in a bad life situation. He also talks about the youth and how the experiences in the city can have a negative impact on their life young lives. These negative impacts can lead to multiple outcomes pertaining to poverty, crime, and premature death. The music video takes the comprehension of what this life was like for him to a whole new level. The visuals show Kaley Bag’s city he grew up. Throughout the video, you are able to notice the treacherous living conditions he had to endure.

Overall, his message of shedding light on impoverished cities and how those conditions can affect the youth shows a positive outlook on an unfortunate situation. Be on the look for more unique work by Kaley Bag.

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