K.O (Feat. KiD X) – Caracara

Ntokozo Mdlui better known as K.O is a South African rapper who got his start in a trio named Teargas. This group gained international recognition and sold numerous amounts of records and albums. After nine years of traveling the world and preforming for a diverse audience, the group split up and in 2013, K.O decided to purse a solo rap career. Since his departure from Teargas, not only has his music career taken off, but he has launched his own record label, Cashtime Life, where he manages new and up and coming artist. In addition to his involvement in the music business, he expanded his brand and started his own clothing company which has made its mark in the global market.

K.O’s Record Label and Clothing brand collaboration in 2014

K.O is one the top selling artist in South Africa to date. His newest album Skhanda Republic, debuted at #1 on the South African music charts and became certified platinum; this being one of his biggest albums to date. His main single off the album, Caracara reached new highs for the artist when it became the first South African music video to surpass one million views on Youtube.

K.O’s official music video on Youtube.

This singled allowed the artist to take home two awards at the 2015 South African Music Awards for Best Collaboration and Best Rap Album. Spoken in Zulu, K.O’s discusses a carefree life in South Africa. This is displayed in the chorus when he says “Ngiblome neziphalaphala, phakathi kwe caracara”. Which, when loosely translated, means, “I’m hanging around beautiful women, sitting inside a microbus.” Despite being in South Africa, it is evident that Hip Hop takes on the same form no matter where it is produced. Women, Fun and Money is being discussed in the single, which is much like most Hip Hop songs.

Full Disection of lyrics.

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