“Jesus is Coming” by FOKN Bois

Jesus is Coming Music Video

FOKN is a legendary group from Ghana whom are known for not holding anything back when writing their song lyrics. Lyrics that seem to have frivolous meaning are actually crafted with the purpose for its listeners to receive a clear message. It goes without saying that when the duo create and release materials they do so very unconventionally creating a shock factor and chatter amongst their audience. The group is also placed in the Gospel genre; atypically if you ask me. The duo was the first to produce the first and second Pigeon English Ghanian musical entitled “Coz Ov Moni 1 & 2”.

“Jesus is Coming” has a nice feel good vibe to it; the type of song I would turn on Saturday mornings as I cleaned up the house. The song gave me a calming sense and put me in the mood to reflect on everything. The song gave me the same effects as that of American Gospel music. The female voice over put me in mind of all the strong women in my life who at a certain point had to call on God for guidance and strength. I didn’t realize the song was about religion or the Bible until reading the lyrics. I felt as though the song was rapped as if they were sharing personal religious experience from their childhood making the song extremely relatable. I liked how the song spoke about the Bible in a very intriguing and welcoming way. I could see a mother or grandmother using this song to entice her stubborn teenager to find solace in the church and to show that religion is in fact acceptable.

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