Jay Jody Tackles Mental Health on ‘Be Myself’ 

Hip-Hop often requires the artist (and their peers) to show strength, bravado, and dominance.  The topic of mental health and wellness, however, is a scattered topic in Hip-Hop. It does not often take precedence in rap music, however, when it does, it tends to land in a special pocket that many artists are afraid to tap into. Fortunately, the artists who are bold enough to tackle said topic opens the door for relatability and often create a deeper connection with their listeners. 

‘Be Myself’ by Jay Jody, is an open vulnerable track that touches on releasing the pressure and mental stress of chasing success. Throughout the track, you can hear Jody decluttering the thoughts at the front of his mind such as family and the impact of losing a loved one. 

The overarching message “I just want to be,” truly seeps in as Jody openly flows over a soft beat.


Born Phologo Jody Mataboge, the South African native was open and vulnerable about his mental well-being as he speaks about taking a moment to heal. Although notoriety and success are brewing for the artist and his brother A-Reese, Jody wants it to be known, healing mentally is his priority at this moment. 

“They ask me where I see myself/But really I just wanna live and be myself yeah/
I just wanna heal myself/I remember days I couldn’t feed myself yeah/Always knew that I would need myself/Earn a little something then I treat myself yeah/And then I had to free myself
Put myself together and redeem myself.” 

The colorful and vibrant visuals of the lyric video for ‘Be Myself’ complement the track. A cartoon animation of Jody appears with a microphone, by himself, performing the song in the middle of a naturalistic background with the lake behind him. (Large bodies of water such as lakes or rivers are known to ease the mind and aid in healing.)

‘Be Myself’ is currently out on all streaming platforms.

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