J Hus is a young hip-hop artist, only being 22 years old, currently based in the United Kingdom. His rise to fame was in 2016 with the release of “Friendly.” He was born Momodou Jallow out of East London, more specifically Stratford. H was born to Gambian and Ghanian parents. In his music career, he employs a wide variety of styles. He dabbles between many genres, including rap, grime, afro beats, dancehall, and reggae. His content consists of a rather wide range, from street talk to conscious music to melodies and signing.

His style of rap was largely influenced by the tough area that is East London and the grime sound. The Jamaican sound was also a major element of the music culture. It was also heavily influenced by his West African parents, who took him to all the African functions and played African music for him constantly. This is likely what kept him in touch with the diaspora. His range with all the styles available to him is likely why he is so successful worldwide. His producer, Jae5, is even from Ghana and is very into the afrobeat and hiplife sound. 

The result was his sudden success. This can be seen in the last video J Hus has dropped since 2020. The song is one with afro-beats biggest star, if not the biggest, Burna Boy. They have many records together and are always successful. The song is titled “Play Play.”

It is a record that could rather fittingly be labeled as “wavy.” It has a beat that would be very typical of the two, being very hiplife influenced. Burna Boy flows as usual, whereas J Hus strictly raps on this record. His lyrics are somewhat unexpected due to the beat, being about weapons. This is likely harkening back to his previous life of legal trouble and hustling days.



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