Ismael Sankara Artist Review

Real African is a single and the official video from his upcoming album T.R.O.M.LIFE. This is from the currently unreleased album he made along with the short Documentary The Rhythm of My Life, while visiting family in Africa. In Real African Sankara raps about life in Burkino Faso as Afrikan from the Diaspora. The picture he paints is pretty gritty but musically and lyrically Real African is very, very good. The video was filmed in Cote d’iVoire and can be seen here 

Ghetto Blaster is Sankara’s official music video

Lambo Doors is a track from T.R.O.M.E.LIFE that did not make the album. Sankara shared this on his Facebook page recently. Lambo Doors is not a conscious song on any level but it is has excellent music, he rhymes well and it can be seen here 

Lost Tribe is the second single from T.R.O.M.LIFE it blends African music with rap and here blends the two together well. Listen to Lost Tribe here Lost Tribe

Sankara’s music from what he currently has released and what can be heard in his documentary shows that he is a very good lyricist. He has what seems a blend of African and Black American culture and you can see that in his videos. Though raised in Miami his videos are shot in Africa. T.R.O.M.E.LIFE looks like it will be exciting. I like how Sankara seems to use more laid back beats instead of bass heavy music. Which gives you a chance to really absorb what Sankara is saying.

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