Injustice is Everywhere, so Stand-Up: Shadia Mansour

Shadia Mansour is a hip-hop artist who raps in Arabic. Many called her the “first lady of Arabic hip-hop,” which mean she is breaking down barriers for a female in the Middle East. Mansour is from Palestine and majority of the population there is Sunni Islam. She is a political figure in the Middle East. Mansour is a young voice that bridging art and activism. She grew up listening to American rappers like KRS-One. She wanted to relate the injustice and oppression expressed that she heard in American hip-hop to the experiences of the Palestinian people. In her interview with Cultures of X Resistance Network, she stated: “We’ve got police brutality going on right here in Palestine.” Her song that is called Sho Eli Saar explains her feeling for the police in Palestine.


Mansour traveled the world and met many of people who influenced her from the U.S. hip hop scene. In the interview, she said, “In terms of defending our identity… our culture, our traditions [are] probably the strongest weapons we have today.” Also, she is an international artist who collaborated with many artists around the world. For example, a producer named Johnny Juice. He described “Mansour’s presence on the rap scene itself as an act of resistance.” Mansour is a powerhouse when it come to rapping about Palestine culture, identity and political oppression. She wants to see changes in her country.


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Mansour is aware of things internationally because great artists usually are. Her facebook timeline shows her rebel ways on things that do not sit well with her mainly political parties in the world. She knows that if the wrong people are elected to office, then the world going to end. Mansour is an individual who calls for action to the public to want to change the society. Her video لازم نتغير (We have to change) indicated that Palestine need to change, but the world needs to change with Palestinians. Racism, discrimination, hate, violence, and injustice need to stop, and people need to stand for it now. People need to fight actively against oppression around the world by being aware of stereotypes and self-hatred amongst others. Wake up the world before it too late!!!



Mansour video لازم نتغير (We have to change): click the link below


Mansour Facebook’s timeline: click the link below


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