“Illuminati” x Sarkodie

Sarkodie is a rapper from Tena, Ghana, who just recently in 2012 won the BET’s Best International Act. He has released a few albums over the years and the one where the song “Illuminati” can be found is titled Sarcology . This three minute song on youtube has over one million views. It is an understandably likeable song because of the beat and the things featured in the video. Like a belly dancer, him in a nice car in a fast paced city, diamonds and even business deals. Also, Sarkodie is shown at the beginning of the video walking through the desert with a camel be himself. I think I personally enjoyed the song because there were a few words that I could understand and the fast pace of his flow made the song easy to listen to. In his lyrics he says he believes in power instead of “juju”. I think the power he is talking about is exerted throughout the music video with him making the deals with the diamonds and being in a club with an exclusive area and driving a nice car around the city. I think with Sarkodie’s usage of mixing languages he is able to appeal to different audiences, because although I didn’t know everything he was talking about I still felt like I could interact with the song and I feel like that can go both ways for people who don’t speak English as well. Overall I enjoyed the video and the song as well, I listened to it over a few times!

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