Ifani: biography

iFani is a South African Xhosa rapper who was born in Umthatha and raised in Port Elizabeth. ‘iFani’ is the end part of his middle name ‘Mzayifani’ and although he grew up being called ‘Mzi’, he chose to go with ‘iFani’ as the name that would stick on the lips of devoted fans.Ifani is often refered to as the comedian of African rap. The Eastern Cape native is known for his outrages lyrics that pushes many boundaries. Ifani studied computer engineering, the praciced computer science in Cape Town. Ifani could not see himself continuing a career in engineering. He grew up listening to American artists such as Tupac, Wu-tang Clan, Notorius B.I.G because it was different from what was around at the time which inspired him greatly.
Ifani admitted at first his rappering skills were not the best, and many even discouraged him to continue. Hype Magazine listed him as number one on their Top Unsigned Hype List in 2009, Club 808 selected him as their first Boxfresh artist in 2011 and the South African Hip Hop Awards named him as their Best Freshman in 2012. This year he received a South African Music Award in the best hip hop album category.

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  1. I like your music yooh shame munandi umculo wakho iFani keep it up uyacula jealous down

  2. tyooo sani yayenza into boety end undenza ndiku crushe maan next year zabe ndise Bhayi will make sure that ndiuobona ikhaya lakho yooo undigqiba umoya brother andazi noba uyinton ke kum but Makhulu wam ngu Mamfene loooooool

  3. Your music and conduct very inspirational to the youth. Am about to give a Motivational talk at a career expo and deliberately will be playing your song as I approach podium. Will make reference to you being a graduate in your prime lime light yet still intending to pursue PhD!!

    Dr Luvuyo Bayeni – EC

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