Ice Prince Review

Ice Prince is a good rapper in my opinion. Nigeria should be proud to claim him as their own. His music at first I assumed would have been more conscious. His appearance to me gave off the impression that he would be rapping about the struggles in Africa such as poverty, racism, disease etc. But I was wrong. Once you listen to his music without a doubt you will hear his thick African accent. To me when I hear him rap other the accent he reminds me of an American rapper. He seems to be greatly influenced by American Hip Hop. Which I have noticed with a lot of African rappers. The sound of his music is very similar to the sounds I hear from an average American rapper. He gives off the perception because of the way he dresses, dances, and the words he chooses to use in his raps. He has even had a famous American rapper in one of his songs. The rapper was French Montana who is very popular right now in the United States who was actually born in Morocco but he has assimilated greatly. The name of the song that French Montana was featured in was called “I Swear”. In the song he talks a lot about money and material things. I am still kind of shocked that he chose to rap about simple things like this because he seems as if he would be a conscious rapper who would deal more with the government or culture problems. I expected him to push lines that are not usually pushed by some rappers but he just ended up being for a lack of better words “just like every other Hip Hop artist”. He still is a good rapper though do not get me wrong but I think if he focused more on important things he would be even better. In his song “I Swear” he continued to talk about how he spends money. Also in the video he repeated the word Nigga so many times I lost count. It was as if he could not think of anything else that rhymed with what he was saying other than nigga. I still think he is a good rapper but I would rather him either speak more consciously or just less explicit.

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