Ice Prince Bio

Panshak Zamani but better known now as Ice Prince was born in Nigerian in the year 1986. He is not only known as a rapper but also as an actor. After he released his hit song “Oleku” which is one of the most remixed songs of all time is where his fame came more present. He was born October 30th 1986 in the city of Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. At the young age of two years old he and his family moved to a city known for mining Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. After moving here he did not move again and this is where he grew up. He ended up attending Murumba College he also attended the Science Tutorial College. His music passion started while he was in high school. 1998 is when he first began to write and perform his songs. He would perform at his high school events usually. Once 2001 hit Ice Prince started to actually record his music in a studio. In 2002 him and a couple of friends came together and formed a rap group called the “Ecomog Aqud”. The Ecomog Squad did not have the best of luck. They only stayed together for about a year and a half before they decided to part ways. When Ice Prince was asked to summarize his story he said “I started out in Jos in a group called ECOMOG squad. We used to rap and sing together. The group split up after a few years and after that, I joined the choir in my church and started singing Tenor. That was about the time MI moved back to Nigeria and we became friends, we became family, we started living together, started making music together. I had a song that made it to Number 1 in Jos, that was when I started getting more attention. Then I got admitted into University of Jos to study Zoology but then I couldn’t really continue because of some financial constraint at the time”(Wikipedia). I find this interesting because I do not know for sure but I feel as if he left out some important details. He just simplified it into just a couple lines but he is a very successful rapper so this just can’t be that simple. He is now signed with Chocolate City and has been doing great for himself. In the last year he has released hit a few hit songs. One of them being Aboki which mad the Afribiz’s Top 100 chart. He has also received many awards in the past few years. He has even received a BET Award which shows his impact obviously does not just end in Nigeria.

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