I like am (as I am).

FELI NUNA, born and raised in Accra, is praised for her versatility in her music career as she has the capabilities to sing and rap. She’s been on the rap scene for awhile as she approaches thirty years of age and has quite the musical collection to show for it. Most of her songs are instant hits with I Like Am being one of them. The song has a catchy beat but even a better message in the music video.

FELI NUNA’s interview on body odor!

FELI NUNA starts off the music video in the hair salon as she sits in the chair, about to get her hair done. However, the hair stylist and her seem to be clashing on the right hairstyle as she dons a wig on her head. She ends up cutting the wig and the action represents the lyrics. The first verse is about showing off one’s personal style and praising freedom. FELI NUNA raps about living today and living at your own pace; she hops out of the salon chair with a short haircut and begins to dance. Her actions shows that she’s not afraid to go against the grain in spite of what people think.

This vibrant song is a representation of who FELI NUNA is and her contributions to the rap world in Ghana. Being a woman in rap has never been easy and upon arrival, men instantly categorize an artist based on what they can provide or their value. Sex sells in this industry but in “I Like Am” , it teaches the viewers that you don’t have to necessarily fit into any category or allow yourself to be one-dimensional. FELI NUNA does a great job of also incorporating other women in the video as she dances through the mall with female background dancers. As they parade through different stores and jump on counters, their energy cannot be tamed by the workers or security guards. In a patriarchy filled world, it’s extremely important to support other females and create a sense of unity. In her Instagram biography, she has FEMCEE listed as well which is a controversial topic in hip hop right now.

You can listen to more of her music on Spotify and follow her on Instagram at @felinuna to stay up to date on new releases. We’re excited to see what else is in store for this Ghanian superstar.

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