Houston We Have a Problem! Add Thato Jessica to Your Playlist ASAP

Listening to Thato Jessica has been a fresh breath of air. Her sounds give me Lauryn Hill, Drake, and Summer Walker vibes. Problem is a song that you will want to add to your playlist ASAP. The song smooth, catchy beat, something easy to sing along and dance to. Thato Jessica is an R&B/Hip Hop artist born and raised in Botswana. At the age of 17 Thato was known for her work in Christian Hip Hop and became the only female artist in a Christian Hip-Hop group called “X- Caliber”. In recent year Thato began has grown into a solo artist creating her own lane of artistry. Thato Jessica is also a a poet, a fine artist and visual artist with a Bachelors Degree in Architecture from the University of Botswana. 

Thato Jessica’s sound can be described as a combination of R&B and Hip-Hop. And is comprised of soulful melodies, and she has powerful soul-try voice and uses 808 hip-hop beats, with use the mixture singing/rapping. In her song “Problem” the song remind me of style that Drake and Lauryn Hill uses, which is the use of singing as well as rapping. Thato Jessica is described to be a Hip Hop/R&B artist. From a foreigner perspective, her and technique follows the current mainstream sound. Although she featured Hip Hop beats in her song she did not spit any bars, her rap feature Veezo View did. Although I loved the song “Problem” however the video seems to not have anything to do with the song lyrics. However the video is aesthetically pleasing, the director uses color in a beautiful, especially while paying close attention to the rap feature Veezo View.

Contrary to my opinion, I loved the song as well the visual and Thato Jessica sound, and would like to see more of her!

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