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Asa & M3NSA and Tupac’s songs, “No one knows” & “Keep ya head up” regard motivational reassurance to persevere through the difficult times that we face in every day life.

M3NSA, remixes an original song by Asa, exemplfiying through his lyrics that the next day isn’t guaranteed. The video content represents the things people do to help them try to discover when their life will come to an end. Like going to fortune tellers, reading news papers, watching news on television. M3NSA emphasizes that there are more important things in life. Instead of worrying about the next day, focus on the things in front of you, and to keep a positive outlook even on the negatives.

This video itself didn’t scream GHANA to me as far as culture. This was more of a modernized video as far as content. In most cases, the video can be related to American culture.



As soon as I heard “No one knows” I was immediately reminded of Tupac’s hit, “Keep ya Head Up.” The wordplay and video content was too similar to not think of this song. Personally this song got me through a lot of struggles, even as a child. Growing up with divorced parents is not as easy as some make it out to be. Some would say that its less nagging from both sides. Although that may be true, financial support becomes a big issue, especially when its from one party with two children. Regardless, this song reminded me every day that even though my mom and dad didn’t always care for each other, I still had a family. My brother mainly kept my head up throughout this tough experience.

From the people in the street bumping to the music from the cars, to the white tank tops and baggy pants, I could feel the culture through this video. Not sure if I am coming from a biased stand point because I could relate to it, but I feel as if this depicted what people in the ghettos go through in every day life. Even though we are constantly oppressed and looked down upon, keeping our heads up is the only option to succeed.maxresdefault

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