Hip Hop, African Diaspora and Decolonial Futures

This is a program for US based students: Hip Hop, African Diaspora and Decolonial Futures program (https://studyabroad.sit.edu/programs/semester/spring-2020/sgd/).

The Hip Hop program is the only study abroad program that engages hip hop as a decolonial and pan-Africanist philosophy. In fact, our goal is to transform our classroom into a studio as we rethink the idea of diaspora and decoloniality from the perspective of hip hop artists and activists from Senegal and Ghana. Every class will be organized as a  hip hop show (with live streaming) with a DJ and a panel made up of of some of the best Senegalese hip hopers and urban artists. We will also, during this program organize a hip hop festival and several talk shows and community events. Half of our students will be students, performers, and activists from the Senegalese hip hop scene, while the other half will be from US universities.

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