“Help America”- FOKN Bois

The FOKN Bois, Wanlov and M3nsa, is a hip hop duo from the African country Ghana. The hip hop duo’s songs are made up of lyrics that address political issues and are usually extremely satirical. They are not afraid to express their, typically unpopular and disapproved of, opinions. Unlike many other rappers of their generation, Wanlov and M3nsa are authentic to their culture in more ways than one. They exhibit their cultural roots through the ways that they dress, live, and rap. Wanlov is popular in the country of Ghana and can be seen walking around the country wearing wraps around his waist and being barefoot. In their videos, they are often wearing clothes with traditional patterns and in urban areas of Ghana.

In their song “Help America,” the duo satirically address the issue of American people not having any cultural values and the collapsing economy. They use the popular American creations, for example McDonalds, Microsoft, Windows, and phone apps, to show that the country has no real cultural values. Although it may seem like America is ahead of many other countries in terms of materialistic values, the duo believes that America lacks true cultural values. In the chorus of the song, the FOKN Bois use the phrase “help America.” It seems as though they are twisting the commonly seen American commercials-advocating for people to donate money, clothes, and food to other countries “in need”- to suggest that those countries should donate their values to America.



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