Happy Day: Sarkodie

I chose Ghanian artist, Sarkodie, and his song, Happy Day, featuring Kuami Eugene. The song and video were released last November. Sarkodie is one of the most well known rappers coming out of Ghana. The song’s message focuses on the rapper’s relationship with God. While the song is more spiritual, one image in particular takes a more political stance. Some of the images include a young boy celebrating his birthday with his family or another little boy praying. The image that stuck out to me was a young man pressed against a police car, while being arrested. He doesn’t shy away from showing an image that has plagued not only the black community in the U.S., but in other parts of the world as well. I admire that he would show an image like that in his video, especially because some artists that make spiritual music sometimes can steer away from political or social issues. A lot of times people tend to focus on the more positive side of spirituality, thus can steer away from addressing political issues that affect people everyday. It’s almost like living in a bubble and because you live in this bubble, you don’t have to face the reality that others in your community face. Many people decide to rely on God to fix the situation and while you should do that, you should also take action to ensure that you’re doing your part. The death of George Floyd really pushed people to take action instead of being desensitized by another unarmed black person being killed. The protests were all over the country even reaching overseas in Ghana. I believe Sarkodie’s message is that we can still embrace our spirituality and pray for a resolution with our individual problems and within our communities, but that it is also vital to keep bringing awareness to these issues and to take action.

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