Gigi Lamayne- Genesis: The Beginning of the Iron Lady

Gigi Lamayne who was born Genesis Gabriella Tina Manney, is from Johannesburg. She has wowed people with her impeccable lyrical abilities. She started writing poetry at the age of eleven, then focused her writings on rap by the age of 16. She is said to be inspired by the works of Bob Marley, Tupac Shakur, and Brenda Fassie. 

Twenty-one year old, South African rapper and songwriter, Gigi Lamayne, is a four time award winner, winning “Best Female” for two consecutive years. She has also won “Best Mixtape” and “Best Newcomer” awards. Gigi Lamayne won the 2014 Jack Daniel’s Music Scouts Competition and became a runner up for the National Sprite Uncontainable Festival in 2013, where she was the only female contestant. She was a finalist at the Shiz Niz Mixtape competition where, she again, was the only female. She was the youngest performer ever at the Back to The City Festival in 2013.

Gigi Lamayne was the first teenage female rapper to be signed with a prominent label when she was 16. Her background and life experiences are what she raps about. She raps about feminism, in hopes that people will relate to her. Currently, she is in her final year at WITS University, pursuing a degree in media studies.

In her song Genesis- The Beginning of the Iron Lady she flows very well over the beat. She opens the rap up by talking about feminism in saying “this is what feminism freedom would really sound like”. She uses the beat and her lyrics to create her flow. She sounds great and she is an inspiration to young African rappers.

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