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The UK needs to keep an eye out for this African talent! Born in Congo, rapper Omo Frenchie has became well known in the United Kingdom. The artist, along with his family, moved to London while he was a young boy, however within his music, the British rapper also adds a bit of African flavor and style with him creating a unique and diverse sound from the other native British rappers. Unlike some native more artist who migrated to other countries, Omo does not forget about his culture, his language and essentially where he came from.

In the song, Afro Drill (Part 2), the artist was able to obtain thousands of views on Youtube. The artist blended his African roots in this song, just by the beat and song title alone. The song title, “Afro Drill” combines a mixture of African culture and drill music culture. Off the bat of the song, the artist stated in the lyrics “I’m from Congo” as he proudly recognizes where he’s from, but also discusses how he doesn’t wear “crocodile shoes”, suggesting that although that’s where he’s from, and it’s not a secret, and he’s proud of it as he states, “I don’t bleach my skin, boy I’m darker than you” however, he’s also developed into a different person while leaving Africa and adapted to the lifestyle and music style in the UK.

The video also demonstrates the adaptations of the artist. Throughout the video, the artist includes dance moves that are both big in African cultures, and the UK as he incorporates dances like “hit them folks” and the “woah” dance. The dances in the video along with the lyrics merely exposes that the artists aren’t just a British rapper, or a Congo rapper, but he is both, and he is proud of it even regardless of the haters he has in Congo or the ones in London.

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