“FRIEND OR FOE” Eva Alordiah

Eva Alordiah is a Nigerian female rapper known for her many talents and fierce attitude in all of her music. She’s a rapper, a fashion designer, an actress, a director, a makeup artist, and an entrepreneur. Considered one of the best female rappers in Nigeria, Eva holds up this title with such confidence and charisma that makes her sound stand out against the rest. In this blog post, I’ll focus on her most recent music video, ‘Friend or Foe.’

Friend or Foe on the surface is a song about separating the real from the fake. Eva states that people pretend to be her friend, but their actions show otherwise- thus the title she chose. Dig deeper into the lyrics, and you will find an even deeper message about her discipline towards her art, experiences with fake friends, and her point of view about being a female hip-hop artist in Nigeria. Eva clarifies that she’s a dedicated worker; therefore, she can only surround herself with other women who are just as serious and honest as she is. In the video, we see powerful images of beautiful, everyday Nigerian women owning who they are. One of her lyrics say

“Never been the type to dumb it down just so that I could sell
I’m more of the type to take it deeper through the stories I tell.”

Not only supporting her statement that she’s serious about hip hop, but that many female hip artists “sell out” or alter their originality just to make money. Eva also addresses the feeling of loneliness or can’t decide where she truly fits in rap because of artists who aren’t unique or “dumb it down” to sell. Overall, Friend or Foe is a song that embraces the women who are true to themselves and encourages them to keep their heads up no matter what the world throws at them. Friend or Foe’s music video matches the song by including Eva Alordiah’s fans and other women who portray confidence, a beautiful and crucial trait to have as a female rapper in a male-dominated industry.

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