French Montana Review

French Montana’s music is made for people who love to dance. He in these last few years have came out with so many great songs. Every song that he has made just makes me want to get up and dance. From the way he raps to the way he dresses is all great. When you see French Montana you think of current day Hip Hop. He gives the young generation what they want. He doe not specifically talk about important issues that is happening right before us sadly but like I said he gives the crowd what they want. The song that I am sure everyone thinks of when they think of French Montana is Ain’t Got No Worries. I have to have heard that song a million times on my own and a million more when I am in a store or at a party. Nobody goes without playing that song. He knows how to appeal to his audience. As of now this generation is more focused on not caring or worrying about anything and just living life one day at a time so this song could not have came out at a better time. If you play this song anywhere I could bet that more than half the crowd would know it and would sing along. His latest song “Don’t Panic” like all of his other songs makes his audience want to dance. He is more of a party song rapper. He is somebody that you can not wait to see what song he’s going to put out next. When I think of French Montana I think of the summer time because everything is just so easy going and laid back. Everyone loves summer music because of how it just makes you want to have fun. Nobody ever thinks of the summer in a negative light when it comes to music because we know that that is usually when Hip Hop is at its best. It is something about the summer that brings out the laid back part out of everyone. French Montana from what I remember has not been known for a long time but the time that he has been out he has been putting out nothing but good music. Hip Hop is lucky to have this guy.

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