French Montana Bio

Karim Kharbouch born November 9th,1984 in Morocco better known now as French Montana who is a famous American rapper. French Montana is now the CEO and founder of Cocaine records. He had lived in Africa for 13 years before him and his family decided to move to the United States. Him and his family moved to South Bronx in New York City. When he first came here he did not know English along with his other family members. He had to learn English from his high school friends which could not have been easy. After two years of his father being in the United States he decided to move back and left him and his family there. This was not an easy transition for French Montana because he was a young boy who now had to be the man of his home so early. His mother had to start receiving help from the government since she only had one source of income coming in. After awhile the family became dependent on French Montana and the income of the house started to come from his pockets. Even through that adversity he still managed to become the successful man he is today.  He is now signed  to both Bad Boy Records and Maybach Music Group where he has had frequent successes. By looking at French Montana you would not assume he was born in Moroccan. The main reason for that is because he has assimilated a great deal. He does not have an accent nor does he refer back to his homeland in his songs. Many people just assume he is a light skin black man. He also speak a few different languages which are English, Arabic, and French. Things like this set him aside from many other rappers. If he were to show his culture I think he would be even more popular. Shockingly he had been shot in the head while exiting a recording studio in New York luckily he made it through because he would have been leaving not only his parents and siblings behind but he also would have left behind a wife and child. He is now divorced but he is still a great father who says that he sees being a father as one of his driving inspirations. French Montana had a lot of hurdles to come over before he could become the successful person he is today but he did it and I would assume he does not regret what he had to go through because of where he is now.

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