Freedom: Bobi Wine’s Political Activism in Uganda

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Bobi Wine is a hip hop musician, political activist, and politician in Uganda who uses his music and rap as a means to combat the state, primarily Museveni, and its corrupt and ineffective practices. He has risen to fame all over Uganda by lending a voice to those who are unrepresented by corrupt officials in government and leading a movement against government induced violence and corruption. He has been a key force in impacting elections and calling out undemocratic actions like extending or delaying elections.

In his song, Freedom, Bobi Wine directly addresses Museveni and the Ugandan government, and says its time to fundamentally change. He speaks on behalf of the Ugandan people, saying that the people are fed up of poverty, of Museveni’s long doctatorial rule, of lack of access to resources and education. He declares that it’s time for a change in Uganda at the government level, with new leaders who actually care about the Ugandan people, who do not change the constitution or laws for their benefit, and who do not hold on to power undemocratically.

There is imagery of politicians with their mouths covered by money, indicating that politicians are more swayed by bribery and financial institutions than the desires of the people. There is also a lot of images of dead people who have died of disease and starvation. These images are meant to highlight the extent of poverty and public health crises there are in Uganda, and how these could be prevented with better coordination at the government level. Throughout the music video, Bobi Wine is shown in prison, symbolizing how the Ugandan people are prisoners to the inadequacy of their government and how Bobi is a literal political target because of his outspoken nature. There are also a lot of images of people being beaten up and jailed as a result of political protests, indicating that Ugandans’ lack a freedom of speech and the ability to criticize their government, particularly young people.

He also shouts out major cities and places in Uganda to highlight the beauty of the country and its people. He makes a direct appeal to the common people of Uganda, showing that there is sincerity and hope in the country’s people even if there isn’t any in the government.

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