Fredokiss, a product from “the heart of Africa”

Born as Fredo Penjani Kamlepo Kalua, Hip-hop artist, Fredokiss was born in the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe, and has had 13 years in music. Malawi is known for being “the heart of Africa” because of its vast landscape and attractive wildlife.  In his music video, Destiny released on January 17, 2022. His response from the public focused on his meaningful lyrics, positivity, and ability to convey a conscious message. The lyric displaying music video features another Malawian Hip hop artist, Armstrong Kalua but better known as Onesimus. Their video had no scene, dance routine, actors, or flashing lights. Just the words and single cover photo (as shown) in sight. Onesimus and Fredokiss share very similar sounds in the sense that grace and prosperity are often topics of both artist’s songs. 

In the song, Fredokiss raps in both English and Chichewa, Malawi’s traditional language. This automatically allows him to reach those in Africa who continue to speak Chichewa as well as his fans in America. A native language is special in the eyes of the land’s people. In the song, he speaks about triumph and perseverance. His first verse explains that he understands his calling and attributes his greatness to the environment that created him and the people that supported him. 

“I was born for this 

life  in the ghetto gave me confidence

love from my fam gave me confidence 

had to flip my weakness to competence.”

Onesimus is on the chorus.

“Watch me fly high, so high.”

This insinuates a sense of overcoming. Whether it be an obstacle or a bump in the road, this song speaks to an audience looking for encouragement. 

Fredokiss reciprocates similar energy when compared to projects by Onesimus. In Destiny, their flow is placed over a repetitive cadence with subtle strings like the trumpet being balanced by the drums. 

Even lyrics like “Sizingasinthe zanja likelemba” in so many words, means to take a journey or walk the path that is written for you . There is no doubt that Fredokiss wanted this to be an uplifting and motivational song and he accomplished just that. 

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