Fokn Bois and Social Commentary?

Ghanaian music group, Fokn Bois, comprising of  Emmanuel Owusu- Bonsu who is better known as Wanlov the Kubolor and M3nsa also known as Bondie Mensa Ansah are an unusual match to say the least. This vivacious duo is known for putting out rather controversial songs and their hit Gimmie Pinch did not disappoint. While both artists are Ghanaian, their music is a conglomeration of the native Twi language with pidgin English being the main language that they choose to communicate in. Gimmie Pinch is a social commentary on the complexities of being your average African.

The pressure to have wealth beyond your means but also fighting for what they truly believe in are all themes discussed. The opening bar begins with “B like we dey dream oh/D tinz we dey work 4, fight 4, live 4, die 4/ Chale it b oh…” As such, outlining how the complexities of being a modern-day African are not what one would think. The daily fight for less corrupt governments, economic improvements coupled with issues like climate change are leaving many hopeless. As such, life moves on but in everything, it feels as though the fight is being fought uselessly. Without much reprieve’, many are being forced to travel outside of Ghana in the hopes of economic stability elsewhere.

Gimmie Pinch is the social commentary that Ghanaian hip hop has been lacking lately. It seems that while Ghana is a rather progressive country, there hasn’t been much conversation around what the day to day citizen goes through. While Fokn Bois may not seem like a viable outlet, they are intrinsically creating spaces that weren’t available to many prior. Ghanaian music has always leaned into being more cookie-cutter then some would expect and while many have not rated the duo as being favorable, they are making the necessary steps in creating those conversations and ensuring a brighter future for Ghana as a whole. 

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