Eva- Bio

Elohor Eva Alordiah, best known as Eva Alordiah or just Eva, is a Nigerian rapper, dancer, entertainer, make-up artist, creative writer, photography model and even has a degree in computer science from Bowen University. She was born in Abuja Nigeria but traveled the country as a child, then later her family established in Lagos Nigeria. At the age of 16 with the ambition to be independent and make money, she juggled school and business, while auditioning for acting and modelling gigs. In 2004 she decided to get into the music/entertainment industry, where she was introduced to Zdon Paporella whom helped her understand the music business but when attending Bowen university, she decided to her musical interests on hold until receiving her degree.

Afterwards, in 2008 she recorded a song with Tha Suspect of Capital Hill records, called “I dey Play.”The song came with great reviews from critics, with continuous radio plays and recognition of who she was, that she much needed. Around the end of 2009, she collaborated with Str8buttah where they came out with the rap single “Make em Say” from the “Illastr8 II”  Mix-tape, that placed Eva as a lyrical rapper and a contender against any counterparts.  The same year she was featured on Cartier’s single “Owo ati Swagger” that went on to be nominated in the Hip-Hop World Awards and Soundcity Music Video Awards. After releasing her single, “Relentless”, on April, 2011, she was said to be the female rapper to be on the lookout for.

In 2011, she released her first work, “the GIGO EP”that was a standby until her debut album,  that ended up having 2 singles. One specifically, “I Done Did it” was rated on Top Ten countdowns on radios, went on to be #1 on MTN top 10 Nigeria Countdown, staying number 3 for many weeks, was hailed as the best rap song from a Female rapper, as well as rating her highly as a Female Rapper in the Nigerian music industry.

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