eLDee from Nigeria

According to Osunde (2012), Lanre Daliri, AKA eLDee was born on May 23, 1977 in Northern Nigeria. eLDee is an accomplished student in the field of architecture at the University of Lagos. On top of creating music with socially conscious messages, in 1988 he went on to found his own record label, which has released other artists with similar views and sounds. Through this record label dubbed Trybe Records, eLDee helped Nigerian hip-hop gain national attention as he produced hit singles and different compilations. In elDees’s song “One Day,” he starts with his own rendition of Martin Luther Kings “I have a Dream Speech.” He adds in hopes that he has for the future of children. The song goes on to discuss the different issues that people in Nigeria are currently facing. The song bashes the government for their corruption, greed, and apathy towards citizens. Also going on to suggest that the governments self interest only helps members of the government become richer as they watch their people suffer in poverty, hunger, and disease. He additionally convey the idea that this type of behavior only continues because citizens do not stand up for their rights and do demand equality, fairness and for their government and churches to treat them with humanity. He claims that in order to begin a movement to stop the corruption and unfair treatment by the government is to stand up and unite. This song also highlights the cycle of corruption that exists within organized social services that are fueled by the desire for money. He discusses the unfairness imposed by hospitals, failure of their education system and the capitalist behavior of those supplying fuel to citizens. In elDee’s song “I Go Yarn,” he discusses the differences and similarities he felt and saw during his transition from Ghana to New York. This song and its music video do more than just give a small idea of how much suffering is occurring in Nigeria, but it highlights the manner in which people across seas and lands have little to no idea of how bad circumstances can be. The suffering on one side of the world remains unrealized by humans on the other side as they are bombarded and blinded with advertisements that are perpetuated by the almighty dollar. This empowering anthem gives a voice to those who will no longer stand for these injustices and who have a desire to stop corruption and to find ways to help those in need. Though this song carries a strong message, there is also a hint of anger that alludes to the frustration, seclusion and weariness that he feels. According to, Mgbolu (2013), eLdee took to social media in support of gay rights in Africa. He has since faced a backlash from people from his native country who feel that to be gay is to be anti-African. The fact that eLdee knows the mentality of his country, yet pushes progressive and accepting thinking forward shows that he will stand for what he believes in and the power of love, even if his own home country doe not agree with him. In more recent news, eLDee and his family celebrated the birthday of their second daughter earlier this year with friends and family. (Nchee, 2014.)

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