El General: Music Review

El General, otherwise known as Hamada Ben Amor, a Tunisian rap artist who is said to have given the Jasmine Revolution a voice is politically driven within his music, and very much willing to voice his own discourse in regard to governmental corruption and public office abuse toward their very own citizens. In a Time Magazine Article written by Vivienne Walt, he is quoted as saying he very much looked up to the rapper Tupac Shakur. Ben Amor is said to love his revolutionary flair and talent for speaking out against his countries injustices.

Having looked into his music’s lyrical composition and rap style, which in these terms falls into rap flow, Tupac Shakur’s influence not only on Ben Amor’s public message but delivery became extremely noticeable. The primary example of said statement falls within his song which became to be known as the Jasmine Revolution’s anthem “Rais Lebled,” which can be translated into, “President of the Republic.” Within this song, El General finds himself expressing his discontent toward  his county’s state of living, his law enforcements lack of morality, and his anger for lack of changes being made by the president of the republic, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

His delivery when delivering his lyrics is not lacking in emotion. He does not shy away from letting his emotions shine through his verses. No matter the language, the emotion is fairly easy to read. In continuation, the idea behind “Rais Lebled,” by Ele General, is fairly similar to the message behind “Changes” by Tupac Shakur. Within both songs, the artists rap about the aggravation they feel toward the lack of change or lack of effort thereof the make a change within a struggling society on behalf of political or law enforcement figures.

Furthermore, although both songs are a call to action they differ greatly based on impact. This is not to say one is valued above the other but both were used in fairly different ways. Yes, these songs are revolutionary, they sparked a vision of change within people but at the end of the day, one voiced a literal revolution, and inspired am actual change, while the other is admired for it’s ideals, but has yet to be put into play.

El General: Rais Lebled (English Lyrics in Description Section).


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